Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Holiday Location - my source - Japan

The brief for this project was to take a holiday location, and to bring back an object, a texture and a memory, which were to be incorporated into the design.

I have not been to Japan but have great interest in the country, having friends from there and an interest in their craft of Kumihimo and Bonsai.

I wanted to reflect my interest in the culture of the country.
I hope I manage to capture the essence in this work.
First piece of visual studies.

Second piece of visual studies

Third visual studies piece.
The hair ornaments fascinated me on this piece.!

One idea for a fan design.
I decided to make a fan after the visual studies.
I wanted to use elements of the Japanese garden, and ended up using the ornaments found in a Japanese garden, along with the maple leaves and the Japanese wooden garden sandals. Everything a visitor would need to contemplate in the peace and tranquility found there.


Design for Fan.

Design for the front leaf, intended to do two designs to make the fan more interesting and reversible.

The fabric I chose was semi transparent and so the design on the reverse was also a back drop for the front design.

The design for the back of the fan.


Print Samples from Japanese design.

Transfer print design which I embellished using Traditional Japanese Embroidery techniques and silk threads.

This was the basis for the design for the fan which follows the samples.

This sample was hand embroidered using traditional Japanese Sashiko quilting thread and stitch.


Transfer print techniques used, additional small green leaves appliqued afterwards and hand embroidered with gold thread.

This design was again transfer printed and embroidered using machine embroidery.

Japanese Print, printed using transfer print techniques.

Additional leaves appliqued on after printing and machine embroidery to attach them.

Transfer Print with machine embroidery, hand embroidery and beadwork to embellish.


A Holiday Location - my source - Japan

The final piece of work was a fashion accessory or item to wear but not a garment.

I bought fan sticks and designed this fan.

I printed it using transfer print techniques and then embroidered it using traditional Japanese embroidery in silk threads.

I made the fan reversible, to give the user a choice, although this is the one I consider to be the front.

The back of the fan, with a different print.

The fan was made up and then hand stitched to the fan sticks.


I also screen printed the design onto cotton fabric and used the fabric to make a box to keep the fan in.

The box is entirely hand stitched with no glue to hold it together.


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